Healthcare and Safety Courses at the American Red Cross

A longtime family practitioner with many years of experience in the Las Vegas area, Dr. Kevin Buckwalter has served as the director of his local office for nine years. Aside from his medical practice, Dr. Kevin Buckwalter supports the efforts of the American Red Cross, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing health-related services across the United States. The American Red Cross offers a broad range of training and certification programs, particularly in healthcare and public safety.

Through its healthcare and public safety courses, the American Red Cross delivers the training necessary to improve patient outcomes. In addition to providing CPR training to emergency medical responders, the American Red Cross offers a certification course for Basic Life Support (BLS). Individuals can attend local classes and participate in hands-on training, learning from experienced instructors and receiving full certification at the end of the program. The American Red Cross also offers online classes that allow participants to work at their own pace.